Why is System Analysis and Solution Design important?

Understand and select the best IT solutions for your business before you spend any money.

Consideration of your business goals and operational workflows.

Ensure a continual return on your IT investment for years to come.

Business Solutions - Built on Technology

We’re soaring through a dynamic, rapidly changing age of new technologies available for businesses. Technology is a tool that can significantly improve your business when implemented and used efficiently; but it's also complicated, difficult to understand, and problematic if misconfigured or used incorrectly.

How do you ensure you’ll get a well-designed business solution that meets the goals and expectations of all your stakeholders?
The professionals at Garner IT Consulting work with you in the research and design phase of any project to understand your needs and requirements and how the technology fits into your business processes.

After this discovery process, we’ll develop a comprehensive solution to GARNER your business goals!

Benefits of Working with Our Experienced Business Professionals:

  • Extensive knowledge and insight into business and technology solutions
  • Understand and select the best IT solutions for your business before you spend any money
  • Consideration of your business goals and operational workflows
  • Implement solutions that fit perfectly into your business
  • Utilize technology’s business benefits to their fullest potential
  • Ensure a continual return on your IT investment for years to come

With Garner IT, you don’t get a “Computer Guy” – You get an IT business partner with a team of experienced professionals, helping you make the best decisions for your business.

Services We Offer

Data Protection

You buy locks for your doors and insurance to physically protect your business. But how are you protecting your most valuable asset – your data?

Mobility Solutions

Today’s “road warrior” employees are not the only staff considered to be mobile workers. In the Modern Office, a mobile worker is anyone who leaves their desk, using any mobile device to access business information, allowing them to be more responsive to the needs of the business.

Modern Office Essentials

Several technology solutions are essential for today’s modern office, to empower your team, increase productivity, and remain competitive in your industry. These solutions allow a modern workforce to perform their best work from anywhere, with the latest information, up-to-date tools, and efficient methods of collaboration.

Network Health Check

Did you know that 97% of the day to day problems you experience with your computer network can be fixed easily and inexpensively? Yet most business owners put up with computer problems and frustrations simply because they don’t know how to fix them, or because they think it will require a very expensive upgrade.

Strategic Consulting Services

Don't confuse your Office Manager or Sales Rep (no matter how enthusiastic) with IT pros. Everybody has particular strengths, which is why you hired them. If they're continually trying to navigate a complicated and ever-changing technology learning curve instead of taking care of your business, your company has less forward momentum.

Virtual Cloud Servers

Moving your servers to our virtual cloud lowers your overall business operational costs, streamlines management of IT processes, and simplifies your disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Service In 60, Guaranteed

Garner IT knows how detrimental to your business it can be to have computer and server problems preventing you from being productive. We also understand waiting on technicians while you can’t fill orders and customers are complaining just compounds the problem. We value your time! When you have a technical problem and call our support team we guarantee to have one of our experienced technician responding to your problem within 60 minutes or less.


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