How & When to use Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC)


Your email address is like a phone number. You would not hand out someone’s phone number without their permission, so you should not give their email address out without permission. Some individuals have expressed that using BCC is not polite, however, it is supposed to be used to protect individuals’

How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online?


Don’t Use Your Debit Card Using your credit card in lieu of your debit card when shopping online helps to ensure your online safety. Credit cards have built-in security for fraud (Fair Credit Billing Act) that most debit cards do not, so if something does happen to your account, you

CAPTCHA – What is it?


When you see one of these squiggly words, it means the designers of the system you’re using want to determine that a real live human is interacting with it. This might happen when you’re creating a new e-mail address, commenting on your favorite blog, or accepting a Terms of Service

How do you back up your data?


Here are some of the pros and cons of the most common data protection methods. Local/On-Site Back-up What it is: Making a duplicate copy of important files on a second computer, external hard drive, zip drive or other media that is stored in the same location as your primary computer.

5 Email Etiquette Tips for your Business


1. Send professional messages. Think carefully about what you say and how you say it. Use professional language rather than slang terms and avoid using popular internet abbreviations like BTW or LOL. Keep your e-mail messages clear and concise, and if you’re asking someone for information, include a time-frame in


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