How to Clear Cache, Cookies and Temp Internet Files in Firefox


Step 1: If you do not see the orange “Firefox” button then you may have the “Menu bar” enabled. Click “Tools”Then click “Options” Step 2: In the “Options” windowOn the “Privacy” tabClick the “clear your recent history” link Step 3: In the “Clear All History” windowClear all optionsThen select the

What is a Firewall and Why Do I Need it?


What is a Firewall? A firewall is software or hardware-based device that checks information traveling between networks, like your office network and the Internet, and then either blocks or permits it to pass through to the other network, and eventually a server or computer. The firewall knows to block or permit traffic between

Which Hardware Warranty Should I Choose for My New Computer?


Mail-in warranty After calling technical support to diagnose an issue they cannot fix remotely, the user will need to send the failed computer back to the manufacturer. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks for the manufacturer to receive, repair or replace, and return the computer. You will need to back

Can You Get Viruses on Your SmartPhone?


How do Cell Phone Viruses Spread? 1. Downloads: The most common type of cell-phone infection right now happens when a cell phone downloads an infected file from a PC or the Internet, but phone-to-phone viruses are on the rise. Infected files typically show up disguised as applications such as games,

How YouTube Helps Your Business be Found on Search Engines


1. Keywords This is one of the most crucial factors in YouTube search engines. Use keywords in your title, description, tags and even throughout your video. You want them to sound natural and pertain to the topic.When choosing a title it is fine to check out what some of the


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