Composite image of one side of a military soldier midsection, with digital matrix like text overlaid on a blue background with red cyber attack title

Missing Just One of These Could Instantly Open Up Your Network to a Cyberattack

Oct 23
Welcome to the Brave New World of Cyber Warfare. Gone are the days when software patches (updates) were just for nifty little feature add-ons or updates. Today, a software update notice could mean your whole computer network is suddenly at risk. Dangers include data theft, crippling malware attacks and mischief
FEEDBACK Concept with icons and signs

Client Feedback: Third Quarter 2018

Oct 16
Our Number One Priority is Making Sure our Clients are Happy With the Service They Receive. We understand our client’s workforce works hard to achieve their company goals and needs to stay productive and happy to do just that. One of the ways we ensure we’re taking care of our
Email security concept image with business icons

Can You Differentiate Safe Files From Harmful Files?

Oct 09
Exposing your network to bad files could cost your business a substantial sum of money. Per an Internet Crime Report published by the FBI in 2015, Business Email Compromise (BEC) was the leading type of Internet crime resulting in over $246 million in damages. BEC is just one of the
Composite image of spy in black hoodie overlaid with cyberspace numbers, letters, and red cyber attack

Seven Things You Should Know About Recent Cyber Attacks

Oct 02
Garner IT is fully aware of modern cyber-attacks, including those that don’t make the headlines. However, in just a few moments anyone with a tad of interest and a Google search could quickly get a good idea just how severe and frequent these types of attacks have become. Many recent,
Global network security illustration with tiles, locks, and binary

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Sep 25
According to the FBI… Over the past few years, there has been an increase in data breaches resulting in the compromise of personally identifiable information of thousands of Americans. These breaches include intrusions into financial, corporate, and government networks, and complex financial schemes committed by sophisticated cybercriminals against businesses and


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