End of Year Technology Checklist for Your Business


Preparation, Planning, and Production – The Keys to Prosperity At Garner IT Consulting, we believe that each business year should – and can – be better than the last in terms of business growth. Our mission is to assist you in doing more and better business; business without computer and

Staying Safe from Phishing Attacks and Online Scams this Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching. At Garner IT Consulting we want to take a moment to help our clients and friends focus on what we call Thanksgiving Technology Thieves (TTT) and Christmas Cyber Criminals (CCC). Did we make these names up? Yes. Overly dramatic? Actually, no. These hackers can

Moving Your Office Next Year? DON’T…Until You Read This First


Moving is always a big pain for those involved, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience. The number one complaint from someone who’s experienced a “bad” move is, “I didn’t know I needed to…” followed closely by “I completely forgot that…” In other words, it’s what you

Online Safety Tips for Cyber Monday


Are you shopping online on Cyber Monday this year? It’s more convenient than ever before to make purchases online that are delivered right to your door. But it’s important to remember that shopping online is an opportunity for cyber criminals. You need to protect yourself from identity theft and we

3 Easy Ways to Go GREEN (And Get A FREE Logitech Webcam!)


It may be autumn in Bay County, but you can still Go Green. That’s a phrase that suggests actions to conserve our Earth’s natural resources. One “green” action is the elimination of paper records and communications. This reduces the need to cut down trees which, by the way, produce oxygen


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