Alison Meredith's New Book on Cybersecurity

Brand New Cybersecurity Book: YOU Are The #1 Target


Do you wish to be a target?  No, no one does. However, with computers playing a dominant role in our everyday life, the entire world is now on real-time, living in a world of websites, passwords, and smartphones, but we are also now open to opportunities for electronic thieves and

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Does My Business Need A Server?


Does your business have programs and data on your network that multiple users need to access to perform their jobs? Would you like to make sure that your unique business data is protected from unauthorized access and backed up to prevent loss in case of a computer failure? Then your

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Michael: Hosted VoIP


No one likes to think about disasters… The reality is that natural disasters, like the hurricanes that hit the east coast this year or the fires that engulfed the west, can have a real impact on your business by interrupting communications. Continuing our blog series on Lessons Learned from Hurricane

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Michael: Backup & Disaster Recovery


Every business is an accomplishment of hard work and decisive action. Success is earned through a commitment to excellence and investments for the future, so it’s only natural that you’d want to safeguard your business from danger. In today’s always-on, digital world, data plays a critical role in the success

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Michael: Disaster Planning


I know we are all SUPER busy with the daily activities required to run our business, but you should take 2 minutes to read this blog. Why? Because it has to do with your data backup and ability to quickly and fully recover your data in the event of a


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