Alison’s favorite password management tool!

 Randall Garner  

Let’s face it; password management can be messy. Our minds are full of important (and maybe not so important) details from our day to day lives, and for many of us, remembering passwords can be extremely difficult if not impossible. Often times we’ll settle for the easy short ones we can

Are these apps scraping your data?

 Randall Garner  

Sophos Article: iOS 14 flags TikTok, 53 other apps spying on iPhone clipboards Sophos Intercept X Mobile Just for clarification, the apps listed below are known to scrape clipboard data. However, there are no doubt many other insecure apps that could be added to the list. Apps that are known to scrape clipboard

Watch Out For Survey Scams!

 Randall Garner  

Survey scams are nothing new, but NakedSecurity gives an overview of one that popped up on their radar recently. All in all, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Listed below are their 5 tips for navigating online surveys. Read the full article here.  “Watch out for

Crisis Resources


FREE Resources, Tools, & Support to Equip You During the COVID-19 Crisis Alison has been getting a lot of positive feedback on her course for maintaining sanity and productivity while your kids are home. ACTIONS TO TAKE NOW- Excellent resource by Bain & Co, shared with their permission, click here. CDC

“How Do I Protect My Data?” Start with These Simple Steps:


1. Figure out what data you have and where it’s located. This is obvious, but it makes the list because a surprising number of businesses don’t realize where all their data is located. Often, without the owner’s knowledge, employees store your data on insecure apps like Dropbox. The first step


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