Easy Green Screen For Remote Work!

 Randall Garner  

Are you tired of the Video Call Mad Cleaning Scramble when you participate in video calls from home? We’ve all been there. A big aspect of the impact of Covid-19 has been that we are suddenly working in the middle of our homes, and our homes still need to run!

Strategic Planning, Personable Help, Fast Response!

 Randall Garner  

“Technology is critical to our daily operations.  From phone systems to computers, and even right down to accepting payment from customers, we have information technology threaded through every bit of our business.   Our whole industry is like this now: even the detailed records about our animals’ health, and activities are all

In August of 2020, Holston and Garner IT earned the prestigious CompTIA Managed Services TRUSTMARK

 Randall Garner  

Only 109 companies in the nation had earned this award when CompTIA presented it to Holston and Garner IT. Here is CompTIA’s own description of this designation: “IT companies that have earned a CompTIA Trustmark have been through a review and validation process covering their agreements, standard operating procedures, tools

US Air Force Invites Satellite Hack

 Randall Garner  

DEF CON is one of the world’s largest and most notable hacker conventions, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year, the US Air Force held a “Hack-a-Sat” competition where they invited attendees of DEF CON to attempt to take control of an Air Force satellite currently in orbit around Earth,

Scare Tactics

 Randall Garner  

It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone that cybercriminal activity has surged in 2020. By May of this year, the number of reported attacks had already come close to the total for 2019 according to the federal government. With the onset of COVID-19, there were a plethora of new


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