The Eye-Opening Costs of Keeping Old, Slow Computers


Employees Cost Way More than Computers A 2% productivity loss from even the lowest paid employee in your company costs more than a new computer and keeping computers for five years results in over 6% productivity loss per employee! Businesses are paying over $9 billion in wages for unproductive time

Core Value Business Information Technology

What Makes Us Who We Are? Garner IT Consulting’s 5 Core Values


1. Deliver Devotion We love technology and we leverage it to champion the companies we work with. Our clients are our partners and we are as committed to their businesses as we are to our own. 2. Learning is Growing We never stop learning. The more we learn about our

Digital lifestyle blog writer or business freelancer person using laptop

Microsoft Office Basic Training: Create a SmartArt Graphic


With SmartArt, you can quickly convert text into a nice looking graphic, making your list visually appealing. As we continue our blog series on Microsoft Office Basic Training, we wanted to give you yet another way to use tools in the Office suite to make a powerful impact in your

Business training for making charts in microsoft word

Microsoft Office Basic Training: Add a Chart


Sometimes the best way to make complex data in your document understandable is to create a chart to display the data visually. In this blog, we will show you just how easy this is in Microsoft Office! Select the place in the document where you want to insert the chart.

Boss scolding a shameful employee at work in an office

Cyber-slacking: The Challenges Facing Business Owners


Cyber-Slacking’s 3 Primary Areas of Impact: Lost Productivity Cyberslacking costs millions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Business owners are concerned about lost productivity as it affects the bottom line and impairs business efficiency and customer service. The U.S. Treasury Department monitoring discovered that over half of the internet


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