How to Successfully Migrate to Office 365 Without Downtime, Lost Data, Licensing Mistakes

Migrating your Exchange server or your entire Office suite to the cloud (Office 365) is likely to be one of the most important and visible IT projects you’ll handle all year. Get it right and you’ll become the office “hero”, making the entire organization more productive, efficient, and lowering overall total cost of ownership for IT.

Office 365 Migration Mistakes

Get it wrong – or simply overlook one important detail– and the migration can quickly turn into a disaster with extensive downtime, disruptions to critical business functions, lost data, licensing issues, compliance violations and project timelines and costs spiraling out of control. The more data you need to consolidate and migrate, the greater the risk for failures and problems. I’m sure that you already know this and have had first-hand experience with at least one IT project gone wrong, which is why I believe this blog to be of particular interest.

At Garner IT, we’ve been a trusted resource for over 9 years as IT professionals with project-specific expertise such as an on-premise Exchange server upgrade or an Office 365 migration. Not only do we handle projects but are also an extra set of hands to assist with time consuming back-end IT functions such as back-ups, security and network monitoring, Microsoft software licensing, and a host of other IT functions to free you up to be more strategic in your company.

Free, Customized Office 365 Migration Plan

To assist you in your migration we are offering a free, customized Office 365 Migration plan for you! This will include the steps that are critical to ensure a “clean” migration of all of your data to eliminate the risk of missteps, extended downtime, disruption of your company’s operations and hefty increases in project costs. It will also include navigating the complicated licensing options Microsoft offers for various products as well as information on how your system administrator responsibilities will change one you’ve migrated.

Why Free?

Creating these types of plans is easy for us and is what we truly love to do. We understand the difficulty of your job and want to help. Even if you decide not to move your network to the cloud or engage with us as a client, you’ll find the information we share with you to be extremely valuable and eye-opening. Give us a call at 850-250-3210 for your plan and with any questions you may have.


Randall Garner


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