Does Your Wireless Network Include This Important Security Feature?

We wanted to bring to your attention a potential security issue that is likely to exist in your current wireless network and inform you on how we’ve developed a solution to resolve this issue. Actually, the solution isn’t unique or proprietary to Garner IT by any means, but we’ve rarely seen it implemented in the real world. Check out the video below.

Assuming your company already has business-grade IT solutions like an Active Directory domain server, a decent internet firewall (Sophos, Sonicwall, etc), and decent business-class WAPs, this solution enables Garner IT to link the corporate wireless network security password to Active Directory user accounts and security groups – so only authorized users can access the wireless network. In a common scenario, this means when an employee’s Active Directory account is terminated their wireless network access is also terminated and there’s no need to reset the wireless network security key for everyone in the office.

Most businesses aren’t resetting their wireless network keys after employee terminations, which leaves them exposed to some risk. And the ones that do decide to reset it, well that’s a pain in the butt for everyone.

I hope this video proves helpful!

Randall Garner


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