Your Organization Can Survive Any Disaster with a BDR

Backup and Disaster Recovery, or BDR, is a combination of solutions that work cohesively to ensure a company’s business continuity after a disaster. Natural disasters, user error, hacking attacks, and hardware failure are all threats to your business’s continuity. All it takes is one or the other to completely derail operations.

Tape Backup Issues

Some businesses are still using tape backups. With tape backups, you run the risk of having your backups wiped out along with the rest of your technology. If you have your tapes stored somewhere that can be damaged by natural disasters, all of your efforts will be for nothing. Of course, you can plan on taking yesterday’s tape home with you every night and hoping for the best. While this is practiced when it’s the only option, understand that you are traveling with all of your company’s data on a small, lightweight, heat sensitive, magnetic tape, which introduces more risk. On top of that, you would need to commit to it regularly for it to be effective.

All of the above is also true for backup solutions utilizing external hard drives.

BDR Solution

One of the best parts of using a BDR is that your data can survive just about any adverse condition, provided it’s backed up properly. A fire that scorches your office can’t destroy your data if it’s stored in an off-site data center. A flood can wash away your office and hardware, but if your data is stored in an off-site data center, your data will stay afloat.

Normally, when a business loses access to mission-critical data, the productivity loss caused by downtime can break your budget and render your operations obsolete. Many studies have proven that businesses incapable of recovering its data and pushing forward usually go out of business within a year following the incident. It’s so important to have a fully functional backup and disaster recovery plan.

If you think your company would be a good candidate for BDR, Garner IT would be happy to discuss this solution with you, and even assist in the implementation. Give us a call at 850.250.3210 or stop by our office at 1330 Harrison Ave, Panama City, FL 32401. We would love to sit down and discuss your backup needs.


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