Randall Garner Providing IT Consulting in Panama City, Florida

After graduation, for seven years, Randall worked with a local consulting company and gained extensive business and technology experience helping small businesses in a myriad of industries. Through this experience, Randall developed a solid understanding of technology fundamentals, along with troubleshooting, employee management, customer service, and the business benefits of technology. Most importantly, he observed how IT was frequently hindering the progress of small businesses from achieving profitability.

A Vision of Something Better

During his years as a small business technology consultant, Randall envisioned a new type of service delivery model for IT consulting. He observed that businesses were becoming increasingly dependent on technology as it became more integrated into their daily operations. As a result, there was a greater need for a reliable, performance-based technology that assured achievement of business goals, provided a solid return on investment, and improved employee productivity. Each business needed an expert to advise them, provide IT solutions, and help create a dependable and predictable IT cost profile: a profile that is integral to their specific business plan.

Garner IT Consulting

Randall’s vision is now a reality. Garner IT provides proactive technology management and value-added technology consulting for a flat monthly fee. His team of professionals communicates with you. They listen, learn, and then lead you to a realistic, and cost-effective IT solution for your specific business. Garner IT is more than a service provider – they are a business partner intensely interested in your success.

A Family Man

Randall has a wonderful wife, Julie, whom he met along his career path. Julie was working on a production line. “I was fixing her printer,” Randall recalls with a smile. The Garners now have three children; the joys of their life. They also have two spoiled dachshunds, Bree and Camee,and a turtle named GT.

“I’m a do whatever it takes person. I try to lead by example and show that we are here for each other.” His definition of happiness is providing for the family. His happiest memories are created by his children. “And, we keep right on creating more wonderful memories!”

Randall’s favorite thing to do is play ball with his kids. He also enjoys golfing, fishing, and camping in his spare time. His favorite color is white. When you meet him, ask him why.

Family means people who are looking out for each other. It means they are there for each other. It could be a family member, a friend, a coworker, a client, or an employee.” – Randall Garner

A Ten-Year Vision

The accomplishments Randall is most proud of are the progress his company has made, and the relationships that have been created with his clients.

His Ten-Year Vision is to see his company expand, while watching his clients’ businesses grow and prosper across Northwest Florida. Helping his clients succeed is his paramount goal.

Helping the Community

When Randall founded GIT, he knew he wanted to start helping the community using his skills as best he could. “We’ve been providing Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida with in-kind IT support services since 2010,” he says. Randall and Garner IT are also proud sponsors of the JA’s Classroom In A Day program with elementary school students.

In addition, Randall has spent the last year meeting monthly with the inaugural IT Advisory Board. He is helping area technology educators and business folks design an IT-based curriculum that begins in high school, moves on to GCSC, and transitions into a nice paying job. The board is focused on creating a pathway to certifications. An additional goal is to attract more females into the IT workforce because technology is truly an equal opportunity field!

An Invitation to You

Randall and his family, Garner IT Consulting, would like to help your company grow and prosper. If you have IT or other computer management needs, give Randall a call. He’ll set up an appointment at your convenience and sit down with you. Then he’ll listen to you, learn about your company, and lead you to IT solutions that are cost-effective and efficient for your particular needs. There’s no charge for this evaluation. Randall knows from experience that, with the right IT consultant, your business can and will run smoothly and profitably. He’s ready when you are. So when the time comes – maybe even today – feel free to contact Randall and his team. His success is experienced through your success!

 Best wishes, Garner IT Consulting

Contact Randall at:
Phone: (850) 250-3210
Address: Garner IT Consulting, 1330 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401


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