Virus Protection in Seven Easy Steps

The security of your business files and information is important.

Here are seven steps to help prevent a virus attack:

1. Emails From the Unknown

Do not open or download any files attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy source.

2. Suspicious emails from a friend:

Even if an attached email file comes from someone you know, do not open it unless you know what it is. Confirm (in a separate email) that your friend really is trying to send you what appears to be a suspicious link or attachment. It might be a special discount for prescription drugs or any number of things that your friend is unlikely to send you.

3. Questionable subject lines:

Do not open any files attached to an email if the subject line is strange or unexpected. Odd formatting, extra characters, and severe misspellings often indicate that the file could contain a virus.

4. Downloading from the Internet:

Exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet. Whether it’s a Word template, a picture, or a new game, you should ensure that the source is legitimate and reputable.

5. Look for a “trusted site” icon:

Security systems, such as Norton, identify safe sites by posting their logo next to the hyperlink. That indicates that the site has been vetted and found safe. You should make sure that an anti-virus program has scanned the files on the site. If you’re uncertain about the site, don’t download anything.

6. Install and Maintain Strong Security Software

Security experts like Kaspersky have reported over 70,000 viruses are discovered each day. Make sure your computer security system is up to the challenge and is continually scanning for harmful programs or viruses.

7. When in Doubt, Bow Out:

Always err on the side of caution and do not open, download, or execute any files or email attachments if you have any doubt at all about what they may contain.

At Garner IT Consulting a big part of our mission is data protection and system security. If you need help protecting your files or information, please give us a call at (850) 250-3210.

Sincerely, Randall and Julie Garner, and the Garner IT family


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