Computer Care vs. Computer Repair

You just bought a shiny new car…

Now… How are you going to take care of your shiny new car? To extend the life of our vehicles most of us would take it in for regular oil changes, tune-ups, check the brakes, alignments, check the tires for air pressure and tread. We generally are not doing this regular maintenance ourselves, but are taking our car to the mechanics that we trust and offer the most value.

Computer Repair

Computer repair is addressing issues with your computers, servers or networks after you are having issues. The majority of the time we see clients for computer repairs after their computer is running very slow, or not at all. A few of the common issues include:

  • Low memory/disk space
  • Hard Drive failures
  • Temperature, fans running slow or not at all
  • Power issues – surges and brief outages
  • Temp files slowing you down
  • Infected with Viruses or Spyware
  • Lack of software updates
  • Lack of hardware or software inventory

Computer Care

Computer Care entails monitoring your PCs, servers, and networks for these issues as well as performing regular updates and upgrades to ensure that your computer is running at its best at all times – just like we would want our brand new car, right?  (Are you still picturing your dream car?)  Here are a few of the items that our proactive monitoring addresses:

  • Monitors memory and disk space
  • Monitor pending hard drive failure
  • Monitor fan speeds and PC temperature
  • Remove unnecessary temp files and cookies
  • Regular updates to your virus and spyware software
  • Regular updates to your software and programs
  • Maintaining IT asset inventory and warranties

Computer Repair is waiting until your PC is broken before calling in a computer technician to fix it. If your computer or network “breaks”, not only are you paying someone to repair it, but you are paying your employees while parts are on order and losing valuable productivity towards your sales goals while you wait for the technician to complete the repair. 

Computer Care is receiving continuous and proactive maintenance that prevents problems and highlights any upcoming issues so that you as the business owner can plan and budget technology cost. 

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