Can You Get Viruses on Your SmartPhone?

How do Cell Phone Viruses Spread?


The most common type of cell-phone infection right now happens when a cell phone downloads an infected file from a PC or the Internet, but phone-to-phone viruses are on the rise.

Infected files typically show up disguised as applications such as games, security patches, add-on functionalities, and free stuff.

2. Text Messaging:

Infected text messages sometimes steal the subject line from a message you’ve received from a friend, which of course increases the chance of you opening it, but opening the message isn’t enough to get infected. You have to choose to open the message attachment and agree to install the program.

3. Bluetooth Connection:

Viruses can also spread through your Smartphones Bluetooth connection. The user receives a virus via Bluetooth when the phone is in discoverable mode. This means that it can be seen by other Bluetooth-enabled phones. In this case, the virus spreads like an airborne illness.

How to Protect Your Phone

1. Stay on top of security updates and be aware of the file names you should keep an eye out for Security sites such as Vipre, McAfee, and Symantec are great sources to check out frequently.

2. Turn off your Bluetooth’s discoverable mode when not in use. You want your phone to be set to “hidden” so that viruses cannot detect it and send it a virus.

3. Install some type of security or virus protection software to your phone. You should search your smartphones “App Store/Marketplace” for security software.  Most security software for smartphones not only protects you from viruses, but can help you locate and recover, or remotely wipe data from the smartphone in case it is lost or stolen.

Viruses are everywhere, therefore it is important to educate yourself and make sure you keep your virus software up to date. Garner IT is here to answer your technology questions and keep you informed. If you have any further questions regarding which antivirus software contact us and we will help you.


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