How YouTube Helps Your Business be Found on Search Engines

1. Keywords

This is one of the most crucial factors in YouTube search engines.

  • Use keywords in your title, description, tags and even throughout your video. You want them to sound natural and pertain to the topic.
  • When choosing a title it is fine to check out what some of the searches are showing. Make sure you take into consideration your YouTube analytics as well.

2. Quality Content

  • Tips and “How To” are great ideas to upload to YouTube, because that is what many people are searching for when they are online. Of course, funny, entertaining videos are always a plus.
  • The key is quality, not quantity.
  • Release your videos over time; don’t just send out loads of content in one day.

3. Build Your Views/Popularity

The more viewers = higher ranking 

  • YouTube prefers to show visitors popular videos because they often are of better quality, considering many that are uploaded are of poor quality.
  • Also, keep in mind videos that spike in views will get preferred placement which adds your video to lists such as, “most viewed today.”
  • This, in turn, attracts more views, increasing SEO.

4. Get as many back-links as possible.

  • This means that you want as many links from other websites to your website or videos as possible. Basically, you want other businesses to link to your videos, therefore increasing your SEO. If your creating quality videos, others will likely link to and embed your content.
  • An embedded video works as a link, therefore providing more SEO for your business.
  • Use your videos any way that you can. Embed them into your blogs, emails, or website; however, be sure that the content on those pages is relevant to the video.

As you may have noticed, SEO on Google is just as important in YouTube. In today’s world, videos are the key.

We hope that these tips have helped and that you’re ready to take the next step to helping your businesses SEO on YouTube. If you have any marketing or technology questions, contact Julie.


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